SoulPath Astrology (formerly HoroSync) is based upon the belief of reincarnation, with the science of INCARN to support it. INCARN combines the scientific, technological, and spiritual into one reliable information science for understanding tendencies of human behavior and the spiritual/cosmic phenomena that prompt, give rise to, and trigger thought patterns, decision making, and actual events. When used aright, it is a FANTASTIC tool and application for wholistic growth and optimized decision making.

The actual tool used to analyze all of this data is an INCARN horoscope. An INCARN horoscope has an exactitude of functionality in life correspondence that is 90 times more accurate than a horoscope calculated by conventional means (that is, via the physical birth time). It serves as an exact and faithful representation to any person, nation, company or event. Stated another way, it is a 100% functional life map that synchronizes with every aspect of your life with no exceptions. That means, not only does it match the nature and life patterns of an individual exactly but precisely synchronizes with the exact nature and timing of important life events within less than 7 minutes of arc (00° 07′)—everytime! Seven minutes is actually the MAXIMUM orb separation that has been observed over the years, and on rare occasions. In most instances, between 95-98% of the time, correlations of astrological indicators to events were less than 5 minutes (00° 05′).

Short of having direct psychic perception, an INCARN chart is the next best alternative in psi information technology capable of identifying and understanding the exact nature of individuals (and entities) and of reading the meaning of energy patterns past, present and future. This data-mapping tool includes precise information about the exact way you are “wired”; helps you to navigate, find and connect to your higher purpose in life; allows you to access highly accurate, relevant, reliable, and timely information when you need it most; and enhances your ability to make informed decisions.

Most importantly, an INCARN horoscope is a data-based form of Intelligent Design that highlights your connection to all aspects of life and to Universal (cosmic) Forces. It has great spiritual significance to your present life on earth, and this is where and how it ties into reincarnation. It is a personal guide and road map that provides deep insights and foresights with respect to your own life and its cycles—including the ability to know in advance important signposts in life and the times when decisions related to them will be of the greatest consequence.

Overall, an INCARN horoscope is your birthright record, spiritual inheritance, and energetic blueprint that is there to help you maximize favorable decision making and outcomes along prescribed paths at key moments in your life. SoulPath Astrology objective is to help you see the interconnection and optimally apply these life-force technologies in your life, so that you can live your highest ideals right here on earth…in THIS lifetime!

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